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New year, new ideas

Every Winter I tend to go into hibernation with my photography, the camera rarely comes out and I tend to take more images on my phone. It weird that I have this period of losing my mojo, perhaps it’s a case of seasonal affection disorder that I long more for the Spring, Summer and Autumn […]

Shooting St Michaels Mount

St Michaels Mount sits atop a small island in Penzance Bay in Cornwall, following the storms of 2014, it was realised that there was originally an ancient forest around the island, but now it’s dominated by the tide from the English Channel. This is an iconic structure in Cornwall and known world wide as a […]

New Filter Pack now starring in my Camera Bag

For a while now the filters of choice on my camera have been a circular polariser and a B+W ND110 10 Stop filter. They’ve helped me get some nice long exposure effects in my images. Over the years I have not invested in a proper set of filters for Landscape Photography and recently I’ve found […]